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Should you buy a Android Phone?

Nokia Phone

If you are in the market for a new phone, you are likely to have a lot of questions and several models that you are considering. Why should you consider buying an Android phone?

Android is not the maker of a phone. It is an operating system (or software) that is used to run the phone, in the same way as Windows is not the maker of your computer but is the software that runs it. What’s more, Android runs on more than just phones – it is being used on tablet computers as well.

There is a wide range of other Smartphone’s on the market, but the proprietary phones are far more limited in choice. A single manufacturer will develop its own operating system, but will offer it on only a handful of phones. Android phones on the other hand come from many different manufacturers and on different networks too. This gives you a wide range of choice in both models and networks.

Android phones are made with usability in mind. They have the ability to let the user set up their own home screens that hold the most used applications. This makes the phone user friendly and fast for the owner.

The market contains 100,000’s of applications that can be installed on Android phones. These range from productivity software, news and weather apps, games and even entertainment software. The addition of apps gives you the exact functionality that you want on Android phones.

Android phones make the best sense when it comes to investing in the phone that you will use for the next couple of years.

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