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Mobile Website Tips

Mobile website tips

4 Mobile Website Tips


We’ve come a long way, baby! The face of marketing has changed radically over the course of the past two decades, and the opportunity for average folks to become millionaires has never been greater. This is due in large part to the profound advances in communications technology that allow us to reach people in ways that would have been deemed science fiction by past generations.
What’s even more astounding is tomorrow. The near future promises even more excitement, convenience, and reach. The scope of what’s possible is absolutely mind-boggling. For the next few years, digital media is expected to expand in exponential fashion, making previous advancements seem slow. These truly are exciting times we live in!
To the point, mobile marketing is perhaps the most significant of these technological breakthroughs, and there are a few compelling reasons for this. The first of these reasons is simply the sheer volume of individuals who own mobile devices. In fact, it almost seems like everyone has a cell phone of some sort these days.
And most of today’s phones do a whole lot more than just allow us to talk to each other. There are text and web applications incorporated in our phones that could really let us accurately classify them as hand-held computers.
More and more smart phone owners are using their portable devices to shop, find local business information, and find solutions to their problems (and answers to their questions) while on the go. This fact, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of businesses do not currently have mobile-friendly sites at this point make this extremely fertile ground for reaping ENORMOUS profits!

You may wish to follow these 4 powerful suggestions if you would like to get in on this action now:

1. Find mobile plugins for your existing site(s)

If you happen to have a Word Press-based website or blog, you can actually find plugins that will allow for a seamless integration with various mobile devices. Because of the extreme precision with which you will need to configure these plugins, this may be a task you wish to outsource to a skilled programmer.

2. Duplicate your site. Make the second one mobile.

Transforming a standard site into a mobile-compatible one isn’t just limited to the Word Press platform. HTML sites can also be made mobile by simply duplicating and then converting your existing content and graphics into a mobile-friendly version. People who find your site via a smart phone will be automatically redirected to the mobile site.

3. Avoid using Flash on the mobile version of your site.

The majority of mobile settings are not going to support Flash. It makes load times take significantly longer, which can cause your prospect to give up and forget all about you. For this reason, it is a really good idea to simply avoid it altogether.

4. Keep your content concise and powerful.

Less viewing space means less room in which to deliver your message. Get to the point immediately, and rap it up as quickly as possible. Your job with mobile marketing is to deliver as much as possible, using as little as possible. Include your phone number, operation hours, directions, and a brief description. This is usually more than sufficient.
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